Prevention is better than cure – Importance of regular master check

In today’s time and age of life goals and bucket lists, newer and more thrilling activities and destinations being added by the minute, it is vital to have a healthy body and mind to enjoy and experience to cherish life’s precious moments. Ironically, in the race to be the most happening we tend to compromise on the basics such as nutritious diet, sleep routine, regular exercise and wholesome lifestyle which is the cornerstone of a good, healthy, long life.

So grave is the situation that it is not uncommon anymore to hear of heart attacks or diabetes below the age of 30. According to WHO, chronic diseases are the primary cause of death and disability which in turn are largely caused due to overweight and obesity, are. As per Obesity Foundation India, more than 3% of Indians are obese. To rule out that you don’t belong to that 3% and have the confidence that you aren’t prone to a chronic disease, it is essential to get a master health check at regular time intervals.
A master check is a visit to a professional doctor at a reputed diagnostic services center such as Apollo Diagnostics for an overall health screening to evaluate your health. A master check includes a series ofImagediagnostic tests and lab tests to detect diseases if any so that they can be treated or prevented before they can aggravate. A master check is not only beneficial in preventing a serious medical condition but also in understanding your body so that you can take better care of it. A master check is tailored based on factors such as age, gender and medical history. Generally, diagnostic tests such as BMI, hemoglobin, blood test, cancer, urine analysis, ECG, blood pressure, diabetes, vision and hearing, CT Scans are conducted during a master check.
A master check is recommended by medical professionals repeatedly because it comes with a bouquet of benefits, some of which are:
Early detection – A master check helps identify any signs of a chronic disease early on. Earlier the detection, easier is the treatment or prevention measures. Early detection also helps in curing the disease completely.
Wake-up call – A master check very often serves as a wake-up call. We tend to take our health for granted and neglect our body, this is especially true of ageing issues. A master check puts us back on track and we adopt certain changes to ensure good healthy lifestyle and a well taken care of body.
Warning signs for inherited health issues – A master check considers family history and conducts specific tests to identify them. Discovering warning signs at an early stage helps in combating the disease more effectively.
An investment with good returns – A regular master check actually turns out to be a wise decision, as detecting and treating a disease early goes a long way in saving time, energy, effort and money.
Encouraged and rewarded – Master checkups are highly encouraged by corporates, insurance companies and tax officials. Most companies reimburse their employees for master checks in part or full at least once a year. Many insurance companies also cover the cost of annual master health checks. Tax benefits for many checkups can be availed under Income Tax Act 80D.
The importance of a master check can’t be emphasized enough. It is your key to the treasure of a long, healthy and happy life. Approach an established diagnostic service centre like Apollo Diagnostics to avail of high standard services who don’t recommend irrelevant tests and checks.

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