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H3N2 Influenza: Respiratory Problems, Signs, Symptoms and Recovery

The H3N2 virus is a kind of influenza virus that is known to cause respiratory infections in people. This virus can also cause respiratory issues, which in certain situations can be fatal. With the ri[...]
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Matters of the Heart: How to Keep your Heart Healthy

We are so involved in keeping up with the fast-paced world that we forget to take care of our health. An unhealthy lifestyle and stress level add to severe health issues. Today, India records more tha[...]
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World Pneumonia Day

Which is the biggest infectious disease that is prevalent during this pandemic and how can we tackle it? Who are the most vulnerable when it comes to Pneumonia? Visit our blog to know more. To book an[...]
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National Epilepsy Day

How common is Epilepsy and what needs to be done to ensure the well-being of these epileptic patients? Visit our blog to know more. To book an appointment call 9205478479 or visit https://www.apollodi[...]
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Want to know how to improve your oxygen level naturally?

The second wave of coronavirus in India has witnessed the need for oxygen the most. It is observed that the oxygen level drops faster in COVID-19 patients, once the saturation level comes below 94 per[...]
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How well do you really know yourself?

People usually avoid going for health checkups unless there are some major health issues bothering them. But one thing we must remember is that chronic diseases may not manifest any symptoms in the ea[...]
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Benefits of Opting for a Specialized Doctor

Many of us have primary care physicians or family doctors, whom we go for health checks and for treating a host of basic illnesses from fever to diarrhoea. Such a person offers a broad spectrum of se[...]
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