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Troponin T Test Results, Normal Range and More

The Troponin T test is a simple blood test that is performed to measure the level of troponin in the blood. Troponin is a protein that is found in the heart muscles and not in the blood. The level of [...]
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World Heart Day

World Heart Day, is an annual observance and celebration on September 29th that's intended to extend public awareness of cardiovascular diseases, including their prevention and their global impact.Car[...]
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It’s time to follow your heart

Did you know that heart valve disease is one of the most common heart conditions? The heart has four valves located between the atria and ventricles- tricuspid, pulmonary, mitral, and aortic. These va[...]
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Statins – How safe are they?

You must be familiar with the ill-effects that bad cholesterol (LDL or low-density lipoprotein) has on your general health. Although its relation to heart disorders is not well-established, it does ha[...]
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Elevated Calcium: A risk factor for heart attack?

We grow up hearing about the importance of minerals in our daily diet. We know that calcium is responsible for keeping our bones and teeth strong and healthy. But how many of us pay attention to the c[...]
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How Does Smoking Affect Your Heart?

Smoking is injurious to health. We have heard this warning quite often. But apart from affecting the lungs and leading to cancer, smoking also has a harmful effect on your heart. Here are the differen[...]
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5 Bad Foods for Your Heart

Fueling your heart with healthy foods is more beneficial than eating high cholesterol foods. Keep bad foods with cholesterol at bay from your regular diet and replace these with healthy foods. However[...]
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5 Foods that are Essential for a Healthy Heart

In today’s fast paced world, a healthy heart comes with healthy living. A heart-smart diet will surely keep your heart at its best. Even studies have shown that 70% of heart diseases are preventable[...]
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5 Heart Attack Warning Signs You Shouldn't Ignore

Knowing your heart is the best way to know yourself. Researchers have found that half of the heart attacks are silent, which means that they don’t show any symptoms. However, there are certain surpr[...]
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