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How to defeat Dengue and Malaria in tropical region

Tropical regions are known for their breathtaking scenery, lush flora, and vibrant ecosystems. In this natural beauty, there is a continuous threat looming over in the form of dengue and malaria.These[...]
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Malaria: Symptoms and Precautions You Must Know

It has no vaccine. It can be life threatening. Nearly half the world and 1 in 7 Indians are at risk of contracting it. This dangerous protozoa fever is nothing else but malaria. With the monsoon’s [...]
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Dengue: Symptoms And Precautions You Must Know

Monsoon is the season when the risk of dengue is at its peak. The humidity, the right temperature and the presence of stagnant flood water encourage the breeding of the female Aedes mosquitoes – who[...]
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Chikungunya: Symptoms And Precautions

Chikungunya may seem like a recently prevalent virus disease but the first case of this mosquito borne illness was reported in 1952 in Tanzania, Africa. Being a viral fever, chikungunya has no vaccina[...]
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