Going for a Health Check - Points to be noted

Be it complete prevention from diseases or treating a pre-existing condition, it all begins with a health check. Listed are some important points to keep in mind while going for a health check-up.

Why are you getting a health check done?

The purpose of getting a health check lies in realizing the kind of tests required to detect a prevailing health condition. For instance, if one is suffering from a gastrointestinal ailment, a basic blood or stool test cannot provide with clear picture of the underlying disease. Sometimes, undergoing LFT and other such tests helps gauge the severity of a disease in utmost clarity. However, it’s beyond the capacity of an ordinary man to decipher the right kind of test for any condition. Therefore, it’s advisable to seek physician consultation before undergoing any test.

Secondly, if it’s just a routine annual health check for preventive or follow-up purposes, then you should opt forImagea Master Check Platinum plan. Such master plans not only make healthcare more feasible and inexpensive, but also cover almost all the vital medical tests.

What all factors should you keep in mind?

The type of health check depends on many personal factors, including your age, lifestyle, medical history and gender. For example, if you have a family history of cardiac diseases or lead a sedentary life, then your frequency of routine health checks might vary between 3 to 6 months. In such a scenario, you should opt for health check packages like Master Check Lite that consist of all crucial tests related to diabetes, cholesterol, liver functioning, etc. at affordable prices.

Packages like Master Check Women are designed as per the health needs of women. Apart from the tests included in the package, women must undergo mammography and Pap smear tests done once every 3 years in order to detect possibilities of breast or cervical cancers. Similarly, Master Check Men enables men to monitor their wellbeing by getting timely health check.

Where are you getting the health check done?

Your health check results or medical reports are the sole basis on which your doctor diagnoses your health problem and decides the treatment. That is why, it is very important to get your health check done from a reputed and renowned pathology lab. For trusted results, amazing affordability and a hassle-free experience, Book your test now with Apollo Diagnostics. For superior convenience, we also have Free Home Sample Collection service. Call now at 9205478479.

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