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Unmasking the Threat: Understanding Effects of Pollution on Health & Essential Tests

Pollution has become an ever-present concern in an era distinguished by technological developments and urbanisation. Pollution is a serious hazard to human health in addition to its evident environmen[...]
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Invest in Health, Invest in Wealth

No one is certain what the future holds. Medical emergencies, especially, can catch us off-guard. Therefore, it is always advisable to be safe than sorry when it comes to medical insurance.Health inve[...]
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Ayurveda: Common Myths & Their Facts

Ayurveda is one of the oldest forms of medicine in India that dates back to over 5000 years. Yet, despite all its benefits and a great number of followers, there are many misunderstandings prevailing [...]
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7 Myths about Common Food Allergies You Should Stop Believing

The most common food allergies are milk, peanuts, wheat, eggs, fish, soy, shellfish and tree nuts like cashews and walnuts. There are a lot of misinterpretations and myths that surround common food al[...]
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