Hospital Lab Management

Hospital Lab Management is a highly functional area. The need of the hour is to make committed investments in terms of technologies, manpower and equipment. Conformity with accreditation guidelines is non-negotiable for providing excellent customer service.

In order to beat these challenges, hospitals today are increasingly outsourcing their lab management function to external referral laboratories. Entrusting experienced vendors with their Hospital Lab Management enables hospitals to focus on their core healthcare services even as their patients get the best diagnostic care.

Apollo Diagnostics, backed by over 39 year's record of healthcare excellence, offers high-end, 360-degree Hospital Lab Management services that can be configured to meet the unique requirements of any healthcare facility.

With transparent but strict quality systems in place, Apollo Diagnostics guarantees adherence to processes and accuracy, quality of results, which form the very basis of any diagnostic service. A backup lab service ensures Apollo Diagnostics has an impeccable delivery time record.

Apollo Diagnostics has a centre of excellence that brings expertise in several fields such as Hematology, Clinical Pathology, Serology, Microbiology, Cytopathology, Immunology, Histopathology and Molecular Genetics.

On offer:

  • State-of-the-art lab and adherence to good lab practices
  • Expert and experienced pathologists
  • Lab operations as per NABL guidelines
  • Support through standalone marketing department
  • Regular launch of packages based on local market feedback
  • Observation of lab quality protocols – regular IQC (Internal Quality Check)
    EQC (External Quality Check)

Business Modules

Module 1: HLM LYTE

  • Business target of minimum 40 samples a day
  • Can install Biochemistry Analyzer , Hematology Analyzer (3 part), Electrolyte Analyzer and Single Channel Coagulation Analyzer.
  • Biochemistry would be with 100 throughput table top instrument
  • Only basic tests would be done in-house and special tests like Immunology, Microbiology, Histopathology would be done at our referral lab
  • Sample transportation would be managed by Apollo Diagnostics
  • Marketing support would be extended

Module 2: HLM

  • Business target of minimum 80 samples a day or in terms of rupee value, a business of INR 10 lakhs at least on gross business
  • Can install Biochemistry Analyzer, Hematology Analyzer(3 / 5 part), ABG Analyzer(based on load of minimum 10 samples a day) and Coagulation Analyzer
  • Immunoassay Analyzer would be installed based on the load
  • Sample transportation would be managed by Apollo Diagnostics
  • Marketing support would be extended


Apollo Diagnostics Centre operates labs in a highly organized way with utmost quality and better TAT through experienced technicians and pathologists. Quality is approved by daily QC and EQS, FDA approved machines.
Apollo Diagnostics does a technical evaluation of existing staff and retains them based on pathologist feedback. Instruments can be used if they are on our approved standard machine list.
Apollo Diagnostics has an attractive revenue sharing model based on Final Price Approval by the Hospital and Apollo team. Apollo would handle all expenses of Lab (consumables, reagents & man power) on agreed revenue sharing terms.
Basic Lab area of Minimum 300-500 sft. with AC, UPS supply & Internet connectivity
Apollo makes continuous efforts to improve in-house lab tests based on work load. The marketing team works continuously towards improving the footfall of patients. Quality Management is achieved through strict monitoring of processes. Technical staff gets regular training on recent lab practices and Doctors are mandated to attend CMEs on improving lab quality.

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