Improved public awareness about the relationship between genetics and personal health has raised the demand for cytogenetic testing. The advantage of this is clear in many contexts, like risk assessment for familial cancer, prenatal and pre-implantation diagnosis, and the diagnosis of abnormalities in chromosomes in health and disease.

Cancer genetics deals with diagnosis and prognosis of cancers at a cellular level helping Physicians make crucial decisions in treatments.

Cytogenetic tests are used to detect neonatal and paediatric disorders related to mental retardation, congenital diseases of the heart and other organs, deafness, blindness and gene deletions and duplications. Chromosomal anomalies in prenatal diagnostics also forms a key activity in this department.

Our expert geneticists also offer genetic counselling services.

Technical capabilities include G banding, FISH and interphase/metaphase identification of cells. Newer capabilities are explored and added with constant clinical inputs received. Tissues used for analysis – blood, bone marrow, DNA, Products of conception/abortus material , amniotic fluid, chorionic villus and cord blood. Risk assessment and prognosis in cancers, hematological disorders, prenatal and cytogenetic anomalies in infertilities, pediatric disorders, developmental sexual disorders and prenatal diagnosis are the key activities of this department.

Data and sample storage in accordance with national and international are strictly ensured maintaining privacy and confidentiality with Apollo Diagnostics AAA+ assurance.