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Pre-eclampsia: Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

Pre-eclampsia is a pregnancy complication tested for during antenatal appointments. In pre-eclampsia, a mother-to-be might have high blood pressure and high-level protein in the urine, indicative of k[...]
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Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing What to Expect & The Next Step

Gestating women detected for the risks of developing Down’s syndrome, Edwards’ syndrome or Patau’s syndrome have two choices - to avoid further screening or get screened for more accurate resul[...]
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Quadruple Marker Test: Its Importance & Benefits

Motherhood, a beautiful experience as it may be, comes with risks and complications that women must be aware of. Doing so gives the care and protection a newborn may need in the future.Women should ge[...]
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10 Safe Pregnancy Exercises by Trimester

It is a common belief that one should avoid heavy physical work during pregnancy. However, that does not mean that during pregnancy, fitness has to take a backseat. In fact, doctors recommend includin[...]
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How to Measure and Interpret Blood HCG Levels to Assess a Pregnancy

Becoming a mother is a very special part a woman’s life. Usually, the absence of a normal menstrual cycle is one of the first signs of pregnancy but the symptoms may vary from one woman to another, [...]
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Quadruple Marker Test: Purpose, Risks, Treatment and Results

Blood tests are standard diagnostic tools that during a pregnancy provide a clear picture of the growth of the foetus and its growth and can also be used to screen for birth defects or other health ab[...]
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Pregnant women require adequate nourishment through the gestation period to maintain good health and ensure healthy foetal development. The trick is to adopt the right kind of meal selection from all [...]
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Plan Your Pregnancy

Creating a healthy environment for your baby is important not only after he or she is born, but even before conception. The process starts right from the moment you decide that you want to get pregnan[...]
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5 Factors Leading to High-Risk Pregnancies

There are certain factors in particular that can place a pregnancy at risk. They are usually in the form of:Pre-existing health disorders If the soon-to-be mother has health issues such [...]
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Maternal Marker Test

What is a maternal marker?A marker, simply put, is an indication. Certain substances in the body become indicators for a specific medical condition, depending on their quantities as tested against the[...]
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