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Covid 19 VS Influenza: How to Differentiate Between the Two

Covid 19 and influenza have many similarities, making it difficult to distinguish between the two. Both viruses cause respiratory diseases characterised by fever, coughing, and muscle aches. However, [...]
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How effective is the vaccine against Omicron? Should I get the booster shot? Visit our blog to know the importance of getting fully vaccinated.

Vaccine’s v/s OmicronIndia recorded 3,06,064 new Covid-19 cases and 439 related deaths and the positivity rate climbed to 20.75 per cent, India’s active caseload currently stands at more than 22,4[...]
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Home care tips to fight COVID-19

As India witnesses a spike in the COVID-19 cases despite the rollout of vaccinations, it has become crucial to learn about the home care tips for those who get sick. Most COVID-19 cases do not require[...]
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Got vaccinated? Here’s what you should know.

Nearly 2 crore people have received the COVID-19 vaccine in India so far. And if you are one among them, remember that even though the vaccines are found to be effective we are still unsure if these v[...]
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Testing for COVID-19? Here’s something you should know

With the surge in the COVID-19 cases, it has become necessary to strictly follow the safety protocols like wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, and sanitizing regularly. However, a lot of us f[...]
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Time is up For Corona - Keep your Health Pristine, Get the Vaccine!

Gunning for a COVID Free Society!As the world grapples with the anxiety and fear that sits in our hearts and minds every time we venture outside our homes, we all feel the urgent need of a protection [...]
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A guide to sleep better during the COVID-19 pandemic - Apollo Diagnostics

It has been a few months since the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc all across the world. Not only has impacted the economy but also affected the livelihood of millions,leaving many in a state of hopel[...]
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