How Often Should You Go for a Health Check?

Periodic health check is instrumental in ensuring our well-being. But how often should you go for a health check? Well, the answer varies from person to person based on your doctor’s analysis. However, here are a few generalizations that you can follow to seek a health check.

Depending on your Age:

The frequency of certain medical tests depends on your age. The older you get, the more you need to be careful with your health and hence the gap between your previous test’s declines. For women in their 20’s, it’s recommended that they get their thyroid profile, Vitamin D Total, Pap smear and Vitamin B12 tested at regular intervals. For men, Lipid profile, LFT, KFT and Glucose fasting & PP servers as crucial determinant of good health. If you fall under the range of 30 to 50 years, the same tests need to be conducted once in every year. The frequency increases to once every year if you are over 60 years.

Depending on your current health condition: Image

If you are already suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol or obesity, then you should get a health check done at least once in every 6 months, irrespective of your age. If you have recently made changes to your treatment, then the recommended frequency for the tests is once in every 3 months.

Women who are going through menopause should get their blood tests and Pap smear test done at least once in a year in order to keep a check on the incidence of anemia and cervical cancer.

Depending on your lifestyle:

If your daily routine involves smoking, stress, more than 6 hours of sitting at a desk, fast food, etc., then you might have to get your health check done once in 6 to 12 months to prevent unforeseen emergencies.

Depending on your medical history:

If you have been seriously ill even once in your life, you might have to get your health check done at least once a year, irrespective of the age. For instance, if you have ever suffered from jaundice, getting an LFT (Liver Functioning Test) done becomes crucial to keep a tab on the wellbeing of your liver.

Depending on your family history:

Hereditary presence of diseases like diabetes, cardiac disease, certain types of cancers, increases your chances of developing them in your lifetime. In such cases, only early detection can safeguard your health from dire consequences. Early detection can be possible only if you get your health check done at least once in 12 months.

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