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Find Out All You Need to Know about the Hemogram Test

At times, something as simple as a blood test can reveal a lot about one’s overall health. In fact, there are several types of tests that require only a small sample of blood but can offer doctors a[...]
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The 17-ketosteroids are derived from the adrenal cortex and testes. It is found in the urine and are metabolites of adrenal and gonadal androgenic steroids. 60-70% of it are produced by cortex in the [...]
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Blood Types: How To Test Different Blood Group

All of us bleed red – but of various types. It is common knowledge that blood can be classified into different blood groups; news scrolls and WhatsApp texts carry urgent requests for a particular ty[...]
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Essential Health Tests For Woman Above Age of 50

If you are a woman above 50 years, here are some health tests you must take. Women are the backbone of the family. It becomes very difficult to perform any activity when our backbone is not in shape. [...]
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Must Do Tests For Men Above 50 Years

It is a well-known fact that getting basic medical tests done on a regular basis is very important. But as we age our body’s needs change. That is why the frequency and the importance of tests t[...]
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Must Do Health Tests If You Are A Woman Over 35 Years

Must Do Health Tests If You Are A Woman Over 35 Years Women are always trying to balance their hectic life between home and office. Due to which they often forget to take care of themselves. As women[...]
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Essential Health Tests For Man Over 35 Years of Age

Our busy lives and work schedules leave us with little time to pay attention to our health. A regular health check is as necessary for men as much as it is for women. It’s imperative that men also g[...]
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Fasting Before a Blood Test: Test List, Reasons & Tips

If you are planning to take a blood test anytime soon, then do make sure you are ready. Sometimes before giving your blood sample, you need to fast which means you can’t eat or drink (except water) [...]
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What is the desirable frequency to get health tests done?

‘Prevention is better than cure’ – We’ve all grown up hearing this famous saying, but how many of us actually practice it in our lives? Given the increasing number of health disorders, we shou[...]
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What Everyone Must Know about Lab Tests

It is a good health practice to get you tested with a good quality pathology service center. The diagnostic tests are an accurate snapshot of your health and help your doctor in giving you the right [...]
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Top 6 Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic tests are quite important to maintain optimum health. Even if the person looks outwardly healthy, there may be certain medical issues he or she may not be aware of. Many diseases often have[...]
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