Complete Blood Count

The Complete blood count (CBC) gives some important information about the number and types of blood cells in your body, including red blood cells, white blood cells, and blood platelets. The test helps a physician to diagnose certain health conditions, including infections and anaemia, besides other disorders.

Why is the test ordered?

The test provides vital information about the general health of an individual and is helpful in determining the cause of weakness, fatigue, and fever. A physician may prescribe this test to check for anaemia, infection and to determine blood cells count before a surgery. The test may also be performed to know the count of blood cells to diagnose other conditions, such as asthma or allergy.

When is the test required?

A doctor may prescribe this CBC test when the signs and symptoms are indicative of a disorder that affects blood cells. The test may be recommended frequently to monitor a condition that affects blood cells and to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment done for a blood-related disorder. A CBC may also be prescribed to monitor some drugs and chemotherapy.

How is the sample collected?

A blood sample is collected from the vein in the arm of the individual using a needle.

How to prepare for the test?

No special preparation is required for the test. A person can eat and drink normally before the complete blood count test.

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