When was the last time you got a blood test done? Most probably the time when you were sick? But regular medical checkups are not meant just for times of illness. They are the first step towards preventive healthcare. Getting regular tests or checkups done is not only a normal but also a healthy habit.

Here are the reasons why you should make medical checkups a part of your routine irrespective of whether you are sick or not.

1. To Live Longer:

Many diseases can be cured effectively when detected at an early stage. But most of the times many life threatening diseases like cancer don’t show any symptoms until they reach a critical stage. That is why getting certain tests done once in every 2 years can help detect such maladies in their nascent stage. This is how regular medical checkups can reduce the fatality of many such ailments.

2. To Live Healthier & Happier:

When you are healthy, you are tension free and tend to perform better in your normal activities, thus adding to your happiness quotient. Getting your diabetes and LipidImagetests frequently can help you understand your sugar and cholesterol levels. This knowledge can help you note how effective your medication is and also indicate the amount of change your diet and exercise regimes need in the immediate future to keep your levels in check. Like this you can also prevent diabetes and high cholesterol from getting worse. This lowers the risk of losing your vision, damaging your kidneys and having heart attacks. Similarly, getting your vitamins and iron levels checked on and off too alert you of any deficiencies so that you can take remedial measures before it gets too late. Otherwise, such deficiencies can silently lead to grave problems like osteoporosis, depression, memory loss, weak immunity, etc.

3. To Live Wealthier:

When fatal or grave diseases are detected in their early stage their is treatment more effective and guaranteed. Also, the money spent on their cure is also less as compared to when such ailments are treated at their critical stage. So spending money on medical tests annually is not only good for your health but also for your pocket.

This is how regular medical checkups can bring you the benefits of increased life expectancy, happiness and better finances. That is why do add them to your to-do list today itself. But getting routine tests done alone is not enough. Getting them from a renowned and reputed diagnostics centre affects the credibility of your test results. Choose Apollo Diagnostics. The pathological technicians at Apollo Diagnostics will be able to diagnose your condition accurately using their expertise, experience, and state-of- the-art technology. Apollo Diagnostics even provides a free home collection service for your ease and convenience. All you have to do is call us on 9205478479 to avail this facility.

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