Testing for COVID-19? Here’s something you should know

With the surge in the COVID-19 cases, it has become necessary to strictly follow the safety protocols like wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, and sanitizing regularly. However, a lot of us forget that testing for COVID-19 is also one of the major keys to control the rapid spread of the virus. So it is necessary to get yourself tested from a reliable laboratory if you believe that you have come in contact with someone who’s COVID positive, or if you manifest any symptoms of COVID-19. And fortunately, we have access to authorized tests like the RT-PCR test, Antibody test, and Antigen test that help in detecting the virus and keeps us protected. However, a lot of us are not aware of the difference between each of these tests and their advantages and disadvantages. So here is all you need to know about the tests:

RT-PCR test

RTPCR Test or Real-Time Polymer Chain Reaction Test is a very efficient laboratory test that is used in detecting the presenceImageof viral RNA. The test is conducted by collecting swabs from the suspected patient’s throat and nose. It helps to detect the COVID-19 infection even before the person becomes infectious, hence helping to get effective treatment at an early stage. However, there are a few disadvantages of this test which include; the financial cost when compared to other antigen tests, longer evaluation time, and the need for highly professional staff to handle the sample.

Rapid Antigen test

The Rapid Antigen test is one of the newest coronavirus screening methods that help to detect viral proteins. This test also uses the nasal swab of the suspected COVID-19 patient. The benefit of this test is that it gives the result within 30 minutes and has a lower demand for expertise while handling the sample. The disadvantage is that they are not as accurate as the standard RT-PCR tests and a significant percentage of those infected, pass the test as a false negative. This can further contribute to the spread of the virus among others. Hence, if you take the Rapid Antigen test, you are not guaranteed to be uninfected.

Antibody test

The antibody test is one of the most effective tools in fighting the outbreak. This test is used to detect if the person’s immune system has COVID-19 or has already recovered from it. This can provide evidence for past or present exposure to COVID-19. These antibody tests look for the presence of the virus through a blood test and provide the results in 30 minutes. However, it is important to remember that antibodies are not present at the onset of this disease.

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