Home care tips to fight COVID-19

As India witnesses a spike in the COVID-19 cases despite the rollout of vaccinations, it has become crucial to learn about the home care tips for those who get sick. Most COVID-19 cases do not require admittance to the hospital in fact people who are diagnosed with mild coronavirus are advised for home quarantine, provided they can arrange for the required facilities. However, patients who have severe symptoms like breathing trouble, or patients with comorbid conditions like diabetes, hypertension, or liver issues require admittance as they could be managed only at hospitals or COVID-19 centers.

The responsibilities of the caregiver in taking care of a COVID-19 patient at home are huge and it comes with a great risk if they do not follow the necessary safety protocols. Here are some tips that should be followed while taking care of COVID-19 patients at home:


Maintaining a safe physical distance and creating protection zones is necessary, even in the smallest of areas. For instance, if youImagelive in a one-bedroom apartment, ensure you shift the COVID patient to another room, where you shall not enter.

Wear a mask

Regardless of whether you are the infected person or the caregiver, it is important that you wear a mask. However, if there are children below the age of 2 or people who have trouble breathing, they should not wear a mask but must ensure to keep a safe distance from the patient.

Wash your hands and sanitize regularly

Make sure that you wash your hands properly after any kind of contact with the patient and sanitize their immediate surroundings regularly. Disinfecting common areas like the washroom is also important to prevent the spread of the virus.

Follow a nutritious diet

A nutrition-filled diet will help in boosting the immunity of the patient. So make sure that the patient drinks plenty of water and include necessary fruits, vegetables, whole grain, and nuts in their meal. Having nutrient-rich food on hand like, avocados, honey, bananas, apples and more can help the patient stay healthy. Avoid beverages with high levels of sugar.


We know that the virus tends to attack the respiratory system, so having a pulse oximeter at home can help in keeping a check on the heart rate and oxygen level. Practices like taking steam inhalation, drinking green tea, and more can help in cleansing your lungs.

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