Time is up For Corona - Keep your Health Pristine, Get the Vaccine!

Gunning for a COVID Free Society!

As the world grapples with the anxiety and fear that sits in our hearts and minds every time we venture outside our homes, we all feel the urgent need of a protection that actually works against this dreaded monster called Novel Coronavirus. The infection has been parading around the globe unleashing mass chaos in the form of global lockdowns, job losses and the precious lives that we lost.

Till now we were hiding, but now we shall be actively fighting! As our battle with Corona commences…we can now expect to bring in the new year with renewed buoyancy!

Apollo- Pioneering Healthcare Solutions

Apollo Health & Lifestyle are bringing forth a huge promise of protection against the dreaded Covid-19. After 9 months, the much-awaited news is now ready to be unveiled.

The Apollo Group of Hospitals and Clinics, have been our health saviours for more than 37 years. When calamity came knocking, they took swift action to deal with crises whilst keeping all the necessary guidelines in place.

The team at Apollo Healthcare had efficiently set up COVID Care Centres within societies, organizations and neighbourhoods, thereby bringing effective ‘Home Care and Quarantine’ packages at our doorsteps. Alongside these, the Apollo Diagnostic labs provided non-stop services, which included home testing and delivery of lab reports.

The Apollo Hospitals Group, which has always been at the forefront of ground-breaking initiatives in healthcare sector, has been in touch with various prestigious Indian and foreign pharma companies who are developing vaccines, in order to ensure that the shot is available to the maximum number of people.

Soon the rollout of the immunizationImagewill unveil a new era of safety and precaution rather for the first time after this severely trying year of 2020!

Plan of Action

So, this is how it goes: The vaccine comprises of 2 doses. The gap between these 2 doses will be declared soon and will be as per the manufacturer guidelines. The vaccine will be available at all Apollo Hospitals and Healthcare facilities across India.Care has been taken for this to be administered by highly trained medical staff exclusively and it shall not be available over-the-counter.

According to experts, a vaccinated person will develop antibodies that will keep him/her safe from Corona for a year. Even if such a person is infected, their chances of becoming seriously ill will be minimal. A vaccinated person will also protect the people around, by not posing a risk.

The safety profile of this vaccine has been tested in limited batches on willing volunteers and so far, the results have been optimistic, though further checks are still on.

Side Effects

Since every individual reacts differently, the efficacy and side effects may vary mildly. Side effects can be classified as :

  • Minor – Common, self-limiting reactions Ex: pain, swelling at injection site, fever, irritability, malaise, etc.
  • Severe – Can be disabling and rarely life threatening, do not lead to long term problems. Ex: Severe reactions included non-hospitalized cases of anaphylaxis that has recovered high temperature (temp 102-degree F), etc.
  • Serious – Results in death, requires inpatient hospitalization, results in persistent and significant disability, Evoke parenteral/community concern.

Is it the same as Flu-Vaccine?

The flu vaccine will not be effective against COVID. In case a person has taken a flu shot a few days ago, they should wait for at least a week before this one.

Efficacy & Price?

The vaccine definitely reduces a person’s chances of catching the virus. However, there is no recorded information about whether one can still get a mild or asymptomatic version of the same, after getting vaccinated. So, it’s advised to continue to follow social distancing standards, wear masks and sanitize hands.

The price will be as per the government of India’s directives. Available for everyone across the board, this vaccine can be safely administered after consultation with your physician for high-risk individuals.


Individuals who have severe allergies to vaccines and certain components and those on specialized medications with pre-existing health conditions, might have to wait until their doctors give them a thumbs up! Additionally, vulnerable groups like pregnant women for instance will require a prescription of their Gynaecologist and internal medicine specialist prior to getting vaccinated.

We have been presented with an opportunity to leave Corona behind and now that the trusted name of Apollo will lead a crusade against COVID-19, we can rest assured that our health will be in trustworthy hands.

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