Blood Sugar Testing Devices - Accuracy & Test Results

Every diabetes patient knows how important it is to keep a check on their sugar levels on a regular basis. And to help them with the same, many companies have developed home diabetes tests, which are basically pocket-sized devices that measure and display your blood glucose levels - where with a simple prick of your finger, you can do a daily test for diabetes.

But have you stopped and wondered about the home testing device’s accuracy? While this device may be easy to use and very convenient, what if it isn’t an accurate diabetes test? If you don’t have accurate results through a diagnostic test for diabetes, this may lead you to either a false sense of security or unnecessary alarm. Either way, this could have immense repercussions on your health and wellness.

While a lot of research and technology has gone into the making of home diabetes test devices, there are still high chances of them not giving results as precise as those by professional centers that conduct blood test for diabetes.

Many factors can affect the results of a sugar test conducted by you at home. For example, the machine, or any of its components such as the test strips, might be faulty. If the device is not sanitized, you might be at the risk ofImagecatching an infection when you prick your finger for a blood sample. Apart from the device, there might be issues occurring due to the patient and their surroundings as well. For instance, if there is alcohol, dirt or any other foreign substance on the testing site, this will most likely affect the test for diabetes. Extreme heat or humidity can render the test strips useless. A human error such as incorrect coding of the machine or incorrect reading can make the test for diabetes redundant. Even a basic thing such as not applying the right amount of blood on the test strip can hamper the efficiency of the home diabetes test. Studies undertaken by the Mayo Clinic in the US detail these factors and how they can hamper results of diabetes tests done at home, hence rendering these tests useless.

What’s the Alternative?

Instead of taking a chance with your health by using possibly inaccurate home diabetes tests, opt for a proper diagnostic test for diabetes. In a diagnostic center, hospital or clinic setting, you are tested by trained medical personnel in a controlled environment using machines that are cleaned, tested and serviced regularly to ensure optimal results, thereby negating the problems of the home testing device accuracy.

Apollo Diagnostics, backed by Apollo’s 34-year legacy of excellence in health and wellness, provides you the assurance of accuracy in all diagnostic services, helping your doctor not just detect the presence of a disease, but also its severity and causes. Delivering over 3.5 million results every year, Apollo Diagnostics will help you keep a check on your sugar levels, ensuring that you stay in the pink of health always. And the best part – You no longer have to travel to a laboratory and wait in line to be tested. Apollo Diagnostics provides you the luxury of being tested in the comforts of your home, while ensuring that all medical benchmarks are adhered to. All testing procedures are done by automated machines with no manual intervention, thereby ensuring accurate results combined with quality and affordability.

So why bother about home testing device accuracy when you have the expertise of Apollo Diagnostics just a phone call away!

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