Worst Diabetes Myths

Is it sugar that causes diabetes? Can young people get affected by diabetes? There are various myths and unanswered questions that surround diabetes mellitus. While some of these myths can be dangerous, others are just petty misconceptions. Given below are some of the worst diabetes myths that you should be aware of.

1- You can’t get it unless it runs in your family

It is commonly believed that diabetes is genetically inherited and you can only get it if it runs in your family - This is a myth. Genetics is a major risk factor but cannot be held solely responsible for diabetes. Anyone who leads a sedentary lifestyle and makes unhealthy food choices is at risk for diabetes, irrespective of their genes.

2- People with diabetes have to follow a strict no-sugar diet

With diabetes, you certainly cannot indulge in your favourite desserts and sweets enormously. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on sugar completely. Moderation is the key to good health and the same rule applies to diabetes. If you have type 2 diabetes, consume sweets in small portions and fill the rest of your diet with fiber, protein and complex carbs. With type 1 diabetes, you will have to adjust your insulin dose to compensate for your sugar and carbohydrates.

3- People with diabetes should eat special diabetic food

These days you can find special diet food available for people with diabetes. From bread for diabetics to special diabeticImagechocolates and diabetic rice, you can find all kind of diabetic friendly alternatives in the market. However, these foods do not offer any special benefit and are usually more expensive. As long as you are opting for a healthy meal plan, you do not require any special diabetic food.

4- Only older people get diabetes

Generally, children and adolescents are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes which is also known as juvenile diabetes. But recently, due to various lifestyle changes, kids, as well as young adults, are increasingly being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Parents are recommended to encourage healthy eating and lifestyle to their kids and family to lower the risk of diabetes.

5- Eating too much sugar causes diabetes

This is the most common myth about diabetes. Eating too much sugar is certainly not a healthy practice but it is not responsible for giving you diabetes. Various factors, like lack of exercise and physical activity, poor diet management and genetics, encourage the risk of developing diabetes. However, once you are diagnosed with diabetes, you are required to watch your sugar levels.

6- If sugar levels are under control, check-ups can be discontinued

Regular checkups are the best way to monitor your sugar levels - Even if you are feeling well and your sugar levels are under control. Diabetes is a progressive disease. You can experience complications even if it is in total control. It is important to get yourself tested at regular intervals, this helps keep a track of your sugar levels.

7- Glucometer can be used for regular blood sugar monitoring

It is always better to get your blood sugar tested at a quality diagnosis centre. Factors like environmental condition, lack of maintenance, user error, etc. can make the meter readings inaccurate. A lab is always far more accurate than a home device. Most of the doctors also suggest getting a sugar check at a pathology lab.

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