Must Do Tests For Men Above 50 Years

It is a well-known fact that getting basic medical tests done on a regular basis is very important. But as we age our body’s needs change. That is why the frequency and the importance of tests too changes with our age. Here is a comprehensive list of the medical check-ups that you must get done on a regular basis if you are a man of 50 years or above.

Blood Pressure

While high BP is the major cause of heart attacks and strokes, it is also a disorder that doesn’t show any particular symptoms. That is why it proves to be a silent killer. The only way to detect it is to get your blood pressure to be checked on a regular basis. Monitoring your BP in such a manner can help you make the required diet and exercise changes well in time to avoid hypertension. Work stress and physical inactivity are the prime reasons for high BP. So if a 9 to 5 job is a part of your daily routine BP checkups is a must.

Fasting Glucose Test/ Blood Sugar Test and HbA1c Test

If you don’t have diabetes but have a family history of it or lead a physically inactive life, then getting a fasting glucose test is recommended. It’s a pre-diabetes test that helps diagnose diabetes. If you already have diabetes, then getting the blood glucose test on a regular basis is a must. Getting a HbA1c test is also helpful in getting a more precise assessment of the glucose levels present in the blood. This helps you to note your sugar levels so that you can make amends to your diet and exercise regimes accordingly. Without frequent testing, you might never know when the sugar levels may shoot up which can lead to serious problems like vision impairment, kidney issues, etc.

Lipid Profile

With age, our digestion slows down which accompanied by obesity and unhealthy food habits leads to high cholesterol. It’s a condition when the LDLs or the bad cholesterol fatty substances increase in the blood. This causes heart blockages if not regulated in time. Only with regular checkups can you know as to what kind of changes you have to bring in your food and exercise habits.

Liver and Kidney Functioning Tests

Liver and kidney diseases generally show their symptoms only when they reach a critical stage. It is also said that 1 in every 5 Indians are prone to liver diseases; while 17% of urban India is affected by kidney diseases. That is why it becomes necessary to get your KFT and LFT done on a regular basis to detect any issues like hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, chronic kidney diseases, etc. well within the time in order to prevent liver and kidney failure.

PSA Test

PSA stands for Prostate Specific Antigen. It is a substance that is produced by the prostate gland (helps in the productions of semen). As men get old the secretion of this PSA fluid tends to increase by default. But too much of its release increases the risk of prostate cancer which is a major threat for older men. Getting a PSA test once a year compulsorily can help detect cancer at an early stage and hence can be a life safer. Apart from detecting prostate cancer, a PSA test is used to diagnose prostatitis (inflamed or tender prostate) and an enlarged prostate.

Complete Urine Exam (CUE)

With the help of your urine sample, your doctor can trace your food and exercise habits and suggest changes in them if required. Secondly, through urine, we get rid of a lot of toxins. The examination of these toxins helps in detecting any hidden health complications especially related to the kidneys before they reach a critical stage.

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