This summer do keep an eye on your diet to keep safe and avoid any heat-related problems such as heatstroke, dehydration, rashes, nausea, etc. Here is a list of food items that you should stay away from or reduce the intake of.

– Alcohol

While you might be craving a chilled beer or a chilled cocktail on a hot summer day, it is better to avoid alcohol during summer as it can create intense heat in your body. In fact, alcohol can raise your body temperature to the point that it can cause heatstroke.

– Oily and Fried Food

Be it French fries at a nearby cafe, pakodas fried at home or a packet of potato wafers, oily and fried foods are best to be avoided during summer as they hamper your digestion and leave your skin’s pores clogged with excessive oil. Instead, opt for healthier snacking options such as fruits and vegetables or baked snacks.

– Spices

We love our spices, don’t we? But this summer, leave out the chilies, pepper and other strong spices from your food to keep healthy. The spices that we usually use in abundance in our cooking can actually be harmful for your body during the hot months as they increase your metabolism and create a thermogenic effect in your body, leading to excessive heat generation and a resultant increase in your body temperature.

– Dry Fruits and Nuts

While dry fruits and nuts such as almonds, walnuts, pistachios and cashews are high in nutritional value and usually recommended by top nutritionists, it is best to moderate your intake of these during the summer months. Consuming these food items can lead to your body temperature rising significantly and hence, they are more suited for eating in the winter rather than the summer.

– Tea and Coffee

Both tea and coffee contain high amounts of caffeine. While caffeine in moderation is good for you, it can also cause excess heat in your body if you consume it over the recommended levels during the summer months. So, say no to these heat-inducing beverages and instead opt for a tall glass of lemonade or lassi.

While these dietary restrictions will definitely help keep your body cool, you might still experience heat-related symptoms. In that case, visit a diagnostic center such as Apollo Diagnostics and get tested immediately. The pathological technicians at Apollo Diagnostics will be able to diagnose your condition accurately using their expertise, experience, and state-of-the-art technology. Apollo Diagnostics even provides a home collection service for your ease and convenience.

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