Your Child's Safety During Summer

Every child looks forward to summer. After all, school holidays, family vacations and picnics by the beach, ice creams and other treats, and long lazy days are every child’s dream! Ensure that you make this summer a happy one for your little one by following these 4 simple steps:

- Stay protected from the sun

Keep your child safe from the sun’s harmful rays by staying in the shade and taking simple measures such as diligently applying sunscreen on their skin and dressing them in comfortable summer-friendly clothing. Cotton clothes and light coloured garments are surely preferred.

- Plan a healthy routine for your child

While it’s good for your child to play outdoors, you should schedule this for either early morning or later in the day when the sun’s rays are not at their brightest. During the daytime, keep your child occupied indoors by engaging them in arts and crafts, or introducing them to new authors.

- Eat and drink correctly

Alter your and your child’s diet to suit the summer season. Avoid spices and heavy food, and instead opt for cooling options such as yogurt, and fruits with high-water content such as berries and watermelons. Ensure that your child drinks enough water during the day. In order to prevent dehydration, you can supplement their diet with fresh juices and lemonade to increase their intake of water.

- Be emergency ready

With time on their hands, children tend to indulge in more outdoor activities during the summer season. This increases their risk of getting bitten or stung, or falling and hurting themselves. Be prepared for such incidents by keeping a first-aid box handy.

While these steps will help your child stay safe during the summer, please visit your nearby physician and get the diagnosis & treatment done immediately if your child shows signs of heat-related illness such as fatigue, sunburn, dizziness, nausea, etc. All symptoms of sunstroke should be taken seriously. While choosing the diagnostic centre please make sure you opt for a centre that provides quality service and accurate reports at affordable prices. Visit your nearest Apollo Diagnostic centre which can offer all these merits backed by three decades of Apollo’s legacy.

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