Preventing cancer is better than living with cancer.

Stay ahead of cancer

You don’t have to live with cancer when you can overcome it. Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissue. In India, there is a rising tide of cancer and our aim should be to control it by following the three main steps, i.e. prevention, treatment, and elimination. Unfortunately, more than 2/3rd of cancers that are present to us in this country are difficult to be treated, especially at their advanced stages. But early detection and diagnosis assure the best chances for a successful treatment. Moreover, when you delay the treatment for cancer it could lead to greater complications and higher expenses for the care.

Why is early diagnostics important?

Cancer has four stages. In stage one the cancer is small and present within an organ, in stage two the cancer cells spread intoImagelymph nodes close to the tumor. In stage three it starts spreading into the nearby tissues and in stage four it starts spreading to other organs. Cancer screening helps doctors to detect and treat several types of cancer. It helps to avoid the advanced cancer risks because by the time the symptoms start appearing cancer must have already begun spreading. However, the chances of cure for early cancer are significantly higher than in the advanced stages.

Tips to prevent cancer:

Quit smoking. The smoke of tobacco has at least seventy chemicals that can cause cancer. So stopping tobacco use is the most effective preventive measure for cancer.

Be physically active. Physical activities or daily workout helps to keep your weight in control and also prevents various diseases, including cancer.

Maintain a healthy and balanced diet. This means to include enough fruits and vegetables in your diet and ensure you consume alcohol only in moderation.

Keep your health in check. Regular diagnostics help to detect cancer at an early stage and also give you a chance for a successful treatment. So an annual examination of your body is important to avoid any risks of cancer.

Get vaccinated. People prone to viral infections can also develop cancer easily. So it is important to get yourself tested and take the vaccination if required.

At Apollo Diagnostics our aim is to create awareness amongst people about the importance of early diagnosis to fight cancer. So, we are here to provide safe and reliable cancer tests/screening to help you stay ahead of cancer.

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