Importance of a consistent sleep schedule

A good night’s sleep can bring out the best in you. Sleep routine is enforced during childhood. Your mom would have probably told you to go to bed at a specific time every night. This is where we, as children, start to practice a consistent sleep schedule. But as you grow older, and especially when you are at your college or work life, you start going off the track. And that’s where the actual problem begins.

1. Sleep increases your life expectancy

If you are not getting a consistent sleep routine, you are also unconsciously risking your life in the long run. Studies show that getting less than 7 hours of sleep every night shortens your telomeres. Shortened telomeres cause the cells to age faster, putting you at high risk of health problems.

2. Sleep for weight loss

If you have a regular and sound sleep every night, you will notice a considerable and gradual weight loss than your previous weight. Lack of sleep can put you at a high risk of obesity as your body hormones go out of balance and make it harder to lose weight.

3. Improved immune system

The key to protecting your body from diseases is to have a strong immune system. Lacking a good night’s sleep makes your body deficient and weakens your immune system, thereby exposing your body to viruses and foreign contaminants. A study found that people who slept less andImagehad irregular sleep patterns were more likely to develop a cold than those who were getting enough sleep during the night.

4. Sleep awakes your senses

Much of the time, we keep our bodies active in observing and responding to things and sensing them, like facial emotions and body language. Studies show that people with sleep deprivation find it hard to recognize these social gestures.

5. Sleep improves cognitive functions

It’s a fact that regular sleep can improve your cognitive functions. Sound sleep helps to strengthen your memories and keeps you sharp while you are awake.

6. Sleep helps to get rid of inflammation

Inflammation is the key to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, premature aging, and stroke. Research indicates that people who sleep for less than 6 hours are more likely to have high blood pressure and an increased level of inflammatory proteins.

7. Creativity booster

Sound sleep can not only sharpen your memory but also spurs the creativity in you. Researchers at Harvard University and Boston College found that people had a strengthened emotional system during sleep, which helped boost their creative process as well.

Final word

Hence, it is proven that a regular and consistent sleep pattern can have a positive impact on one’s body and mind. Instead of taking the power naps or waking up late in the morning, you can stay active throughout the day, and your body will try to relax as the day comes to an end. Practicing a particular sleep schedule automatically makes your body respond to a particular time when it feels exhausted and helps you fall asleep. In short, ‘Early to bed, and early to rise’ should be your sleeping mantra for a healthy future.

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