Healthy Indian Snacks for Dieters

When hunger pangs hit you, the snacks that seems most tempting are always the unhealthy ones that have empty calories, are full of sugar and oil, and are usually difficult to digest. They do nothing for your body other than adding inches to your waist line without giving you any nutrition in the bargain.

Fried snacks or snacks filled with sugar seem like the most satisfying food to eat when you are hungry, but they only cause you harm, both in the short term as well as the long run. Instead, here are a few snacks that you can prepare yourself at home. They are easy to make, healthy to eat and most importantly, very delicious.

Fruit Chaat

Fruits should be part of your daily diet, and are best consumed on an empty stomach. A bowl of fruits garnished with spices like chaat masala make for a healthy snack recipe. This dish will give you a ton of essential nutrients, and also keep you satiated, thereby reducing your hunger cravings later in the day. Make sure you wash the fruits well before making your fruit chaat or fruit salad.

Paneer Bhurji/ Egg Bhurji

Paneer or cottage cheese is a by-product of milk, and is considered a part of the cheese family. Paneer is loaded with calcium and protein, and works wonders when it comes to supplementing your weight loss efforts. Adding some tomatoes and onions and a dash of spices toImagepaneer will give your paneer bhurji a delightful spin, which is both tasty and healthy. Non-vegetarians can also make egg bhurji, which is the Indian version of scrambled eggs.

Mixed Millet Bhelpuri

This is a delicious guilt-free snack full of protein and iron. This Indianized version of a salad is packed with millet and ragi goodness. It is paired best with a dash of lime to bring out all the flavours. This snack has zero fat content.

Ragi Samosa

Samosa is an Indian favourite that we all love to indulge in once in a while, however, it is not one of the healthiest snack options out there. That’s why it is time that you ditch the traditional samosa, which is an oily and fattening snack and start making these healthy ragi samosas. Ragi is loaded with calcium, and helps in treating diabetes, combating skin ageing, battling anaemia, relaxing the body, and supplementing your weight loss efforts.

Oats Idli and Dosa

As we all know, oats are very healthy for the human body. A single serving of 100 grams of oats is equivalent to 17 grams of protein. They are rich in antioxidants, have tons of fibre that will keep you satiated throughout the day, improve our cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and help in losing weight. Idlis and dosas are popular South Indian fast food snacks that are enjoyed not only across various parts of India, but also in different regions of the world. Making idlis and dosas out of oats gives these tasty snacks a healthy twist.

Egg Chaat

Chaat and boiled eggs are foods we love snacking on, so why not combine both! This genius idea of mixing boiled eggs with chat is a new favourite as it falls into not only the chaat category but also the salad category. This dish is high in protein and other essential nutrients, as well as taste.

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