‘Prevention is better than cure’ – We’ve all grown up hearing this famous saying, but how many of us actually practice it in our lives? Given the increasing number of health disorders, we should all get health check ups done regularly.

Following are some health tests that you should get done regularly:

– Diabetic Screen Check

About the Test: A diabetic screen test will help detect the onset or presence of diabetes, thereby preventing further complications.

Recommended Frequency: A healthy person should get a diabetes screen check done every 1-2 years. However, those at risk, including people who are overweight, lead unhealthy lifestyles, or have personal or genetic history of high blood sugar, should get tested once every 6 months atleast.


– Diabetes Monitoring

About the Test: This test is used to measure the blood sugar levels of those detected with Type 2 diabetes. This test is used for monitoring diabetes, not detecting it

Recommended Frequency: Diabetes patients are asked to do this test once every quarter in order to measure their average blood sugar control for the preceding 2-3 months.


– Lipid Profile

About the Test: A lipid profile is basically a cholesterol test done to estimate an individual’s risk of developing cardiovascular issues.

Recommended Frequency: A healthy adult should get a lipid profile test done atleast once every four years. However, in case of high risk factors, or past personal or family history of cholesterol, it is recommended that you get tested more frequently, around once a year.


– Liver and Kidney Check

About the Test: It is usually difficult to detect substances in your body that can harm your liver or kidney. Hence, liver and kidney function tests are done to test the functioning of these organs, which are vital for your wellbeing.

 Recommended Frequency: Liver and kidney function tests are usually done as part of an annual health checkup, as well as when symptoms of kidney or liver failure are detected, or when medicines causing these disorders are prescribed to an individual.


– Thyroid Profile

About the Test: The thyroid profile test is done to check the functioning of the thyroid gland. An over functioning or under functioning thyroid gland can have various side effects.

 Recommended Frequency: A thyroid profile should be done every 1-2 years but more frequently if you’re displaying signs of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism such as excessive weight gain, menstrual cycle changes, anxiety or depression, etc.


– Full Body Checkup

About the Test: This test checks all your vitals and organs, and diagnoses any malfunctioning in your system.

 Recommended Frequency:  Healthy adults should get a complete body test once every five years. This number decreases to 3 years once you cross 40. An annual complete body test is recommended if you are obese, a smoker, or at risk due to any environmental or genetic factors.


What’s important is that you choose a trusted diagnostic center to get these tests done. Apollo Diagnostics, with its skilled team of experts and world-class technology, will let you rest easy, knowing that you’re in safe hands. And all this in the comfort of your own home through Apollo Diagnostics’ home collection service.

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