Anti Thyroglobulin Antibody

Sample Type Blood
Pre-test Information No special preparation is required for the test.
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If the Anti TPO autoantibody comes out to be negative but the clinical suspicion of autoimmune thyroid disease is high then one needs to undergo an anti-Tg autoantibody measurement. By detecting these antibodies in the case of neonatal hypothyroidism, the transplacental antibody transfer can be determined. This is useful especially if there is a maternal history of autoimmune thyroiditis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This test is used as an adjunct in the diagnosis of autoimmune thyroid diseases: Hashimoto disease, postpartum thyroiditis, neonatal hypothyroidism and Graves disease. In individuals with autoimmune hypothyroidism 30% to 50% will have detectable anti-Tg autoantibodies while 50% to 90% will have detectable anti-TPO autoantibodies. In Graves disease both types of autoantibodies are observed at approximately half these rates. The presence of anti-Tg which occurs in 15% to 30% of thyroid cancer patients could result in misleading Tg results. Anti-Tg may result in both falsely-low and less commonly falsely high serum Tg measurements. Therefore in anti-Tg-positive patients serum Tg measurements should not be used as the sole measurement for thyroid cancer follow-up and should be interpreted with caution.