Coombs Test (direct)

Sample Type Blood
Pre-test Information No special preparation is required for the test.
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This test is performed to identify the cause of Haemolytic anaemia, which occurs either because of the autoimmune disease or can be induced by drugs. This test can also be used to analyse the blood transfusion reaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Direct Coombs Test (DCT) is used to detect IgG antibodies or complement components on the RBC surface membrane. It is useful in diagnosing autoimmune hemolysis hemolytic diseases of the newborn drug-induced hemolysis and hemolytic transfusion reactions. A positive DCT indicates the presence of red cell autoantibodies, alloantibodies following transfusions or of coating of red cells with excess immunoglobulins. It requires additional workup to elucidate the etiology of the immunoglobulins by performing tests for antibody specificity. A negative DCT does not rule out hemolysis. For instance, DCT is negative in some cases of drug-induced hemolytic anemias, hemoglobinopathies, hereditary spherocytosis and other hereditary hemolytic anemias.