Ceruloplasmin - Serum

Sample Type Blood
Pre-test Information 12 hours fasting is required before the test. This means you are not supposed to consume food or any other fluids, except water.
Report Delivery 1 DAYS
Price ₹ 1300
This test is ordered when you show the symptoms of Wilson's disease. It is a rare genetic condition, which leads to the accumulation of too much copper in the liver, brain, and other tissues and organs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ceruloplasmin is an acute phase reactant and the major copper-carrying protein in the blood. It is measured primarily to assist in the diagnosis of Wilson Disease. Low levels of Ceruloplasmin are consistent with Wilson Disease. However values vary considerably from patient to patient and may be normal in some patients with Wilson Disease. Ceruloplasmin is an acute phase reactant and levels may be increased during pregnancy in women taking oral contraceptives in hepatitis pneumonia tuberculosis rheumatoid arthritis myocardial infarction and various forms of anemia.