Liver Function Test (lft) In Delhi

This test is useful in assessing the proper functioning of the liver.

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Liver Function Test (LFT) Overview

The main aim of a liver function test is to assess liver health. The test measures the level of certain enzymes that increases in number when the liver is damaged and not functioning as it should. The timely and correct assessment of the liver helps treat infection, inflammation, and other liver diseases. The liver function test(LFT) is available in Apollo Diagnostics, Delhi at a nominal price.

The liver is a key organ and has a vital role to play in your overall health. From breaking down food to making proteins, storing energy, and cleaning blood, the liver performing properly helps maintain robust wellness. If all is not well with liver functioning, your body will show symptoms ranging from swelling in the legs, chronic fatigue, or yellow skin. It is when you require a liver function test to assess what is happening inside.

The liver test result compares the patient’s current and normal range of essential biomarkers such as SGOT, SGPT, GGTP, alkaline phosphate, bilirubin, globulin, albumin, etc.

Who Needs the Liver Function Test

A liver function test is taken to measure enzymes that are found in more numbers in the body when the liver is damaged or has a disease. The doctor advises the liver test when the body shows the below-mentioned symptoms:

  • Yellowish skin or eyes (Jaundice)
  • Dark-coloured urine
  • Swelling and pain in the belly region
  • Lack of appetite
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Alcohol disorder or drinking heavily
  • Family history of liver disease

Besides being a part of a routine health checkup, a liver function test is mostly advised to measure:

  • Non-alcoholic or fatty liver disease
  • The severity of the scarring of the liver (cirrhosis)
  • Any liver infections like hepatitis, etc
  • Any side effects of medications
  • How well a liver treatment is working

Undergoing the Liver Function Test

  • Before the Test

Booking the LFT in Delhi at a reasonable price has never been this easy! With Apollo Diagnostics, all you need to do is, visit our website and fill out a short form that asks for the patient’s name, mobile number, email id, test name, preferred test date, city, and state. Book a lab test near you or an at-home sample collection at your convenience. You can choose to check the cost of the LFT in Delhi before booking it.

No special preparation, like fasting, etc., is needed before giving the blood sample for the LFT. However, it is wise to share information about any medicine or supplements that you are taking with your doctor before the test.

  • During the Test

The LFT requires a small amount of blood through your veins. The healthcare professional will use a thin needle and draw the blood from one of your arms near the elbow. Whether you choose the Apollo Diagnostics lab or home collection service to give your blood sample, the process remains the same.

  • After the Test

You can easily download the liver function test report online from our official website the next day after giving your sample. Click on ‘Download report’, fill in your credentials mentioned in the bill provided, and get your reports.

It is advisable to present your LFT report to your doctor for correct evaluation and diagnosis.

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