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HbA1c Test Overview

HbA1c is a blood test that helps in detecting type 1 and type 2 diabetes in the most comprehensive manner. This is because it identifies the average amount of glucose in the blood for a significant period of time. The cost of an hbA1c test in Delhi can be checked online on the official website of Apollo Diagnostics. HbA1c or glycosylated haemoglobin helps in accurate measurement of glucose present in the bloodstream for the duration of 2 to 3 months.

Who needs an HbA1c Test?

Individuals can book hbA1c test to monitor their blood sugar levels once or twice a year. This is considered a good habit as it can help in keeping a check on the health of internal organs efficiently. Besides this, people who have a family history of diabetes are recommended to book a reasonably priced hbA1c test in Delhi. Prediabetes can also be a cause of concern, so it is advised to monitor blood sugar levels with the help of a cost-effective hbA1c test in Delhi.

Doctors prescribe this blood test to people who exhibit symptoms of diabetes such as increased thirst, frequent urination, unexplained weight loss/gain, tingling in the hands or feet, lethargy etc. During pregnancy, an affordably-priced HbA1c test in Delhi is recommended every trimester to eliminate the risk of gestational diabetes. With accurate test reports by Apollo Diagnostics, you can get the right diagnosis from a reputed doctor.

Undergoing HbA1c Test

Before the Test

It is suggested to book a cost-effective hbA1c test in Delhi from a reputed pathology lab like Apollo Diagnostics so that the most accurate test reports are available at your disposal. It would be best to look for an at-home sample collection service so that you can get this blood test done in the comfort of your home. There is no fasting required in an hbA1c test.

During the Test

Whether you book at-home sample collection or visit a pathology lab of Apollo Diagnostics, the procedure for an hbA1c test remains the same.

After the Test

Apollo Diagnostics provides the test result of an hbA1c test within 24 hours of sample collection. The report of an hbA1c test can help you understand the level of blood sugar present in your bloodstream.

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