Vitamin B12

Sample Type Blood
Pre-test Information 12 hours fasting is required before the test. This means you are not supposed to consume food or any other fluids, except water.
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The serum contains Vitamin-B12 which bounds to two proteins, viz. transcobalamin (TC) and haptocorrin (HC). This creates complexes named holotranscobalamin (HoloTC). It contains biologically available cobalamin as the uptake of the compound by cells through a specific receptor is possible due to the HoloTC. On the other hand, nearly 80% of the HC carried by the cobalamin is inert due to the absence of the cellular receptors. Though the receptors are present in the liver, the HoloTC have a short circulating half-life when compared to the holohaptocorrin (HoloHC). The decrease of HoloTC is the first symptom of cobalamin deficiency.