AFB Antibiotic Susceptibility Test

The AFB Antibiotic Susceptibility test is used to determine the sensitivity of AFB culture to antibiotics. Acid fast bacteria (mycobacteria) are tested for sensitivity to antibiotics (different types of antibiotics) to determine whether the bacteria are sensitive or resistant to antibiotics. Sensitivity testing is important with mycobacteria as antibiotic resistance is very common with some of the species of mycobacteria.How is the test performed?The cultures with bacterial growth are used for sensitivity testing by incorporating different types of antibiotics and detecting the sensitivity or resistance of bacteria to antibiotics.Why is the test performed?As Mycobacterium tuberculosis may be resistant to some of the drugs that are commonly used to treat Tuberculosis, susceptibility testing is recommended along with the AFB culture. The objective is to detect the most effective antibiotic and select it for treating tuberculosis.How is the sample collected?Sputum is the most common sample collected, as mycobacteria are mostly confined to the lungs. Samples from cerebrospinal fluid and other body fluids may also be collected, if extra pulmonary TB is suspected.How to prepare for the test?No special preparations are required for this test.

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