5-HIAA is an important metabolite of Serotonin and is found in urine. Usually, 1-3% of dietary Tryptophan is metabolized to serotonin. However, if a patient is suffering from Intestinal Carcinoid Syndrome it can be up to 60%.

How to prepare for the test?

Avoid caffeine, tea/coffee, doing exercise, eating tomato, plum, pineapple, brinjal, avocado, walnut, kiwi, and banana, medicines like Fluorouracil, Melphalan, Paracetamol & Acetaminophen, Heparin, L-dopa, Reserpine, Salicylates, Chlorpromazine, Imipramine, Isoniazid, MAO inhibitors, Phenothiazines, Promethazine at least 72 hours before and during specimen collection.

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