The Serology section tests samples to gather the proof of fungal, viral and protozoal infection. A serology blood test is carried out to identify and measure the levels of antibodies as a result of exposure to a certain bacteria or virus. When people are exposed to virus or bacteria their body’s immune system generates particular antibodies against the organism. Antibody levels help physicians decide if an infection appeared recently or some time ago. Viral infections, bacterial infections and others can be diagnosed with the help of serological studies.

At Apollo Diagnostics we test for blood-borne pathogens and examine blood specimens for vaccine preventable diseases, mosquito-borne diseases and diseases transmitted from animals to humans. Quality control with perfect results is our major goal. Employing the latest technology, our laboratories hugely increase the accuracy of the test and diminish the opportunities for human error.

The methods used by us produce high level of sensitivity and accuracy while yielding great quality results. Our experience in serology testing enables us to provide right advice and recommend proper solutions to our clients.