Allergy, Cabbage

Sample Type Blood
Pre-test Information 12 hours fasting is required before the test. This means you are not supposed to consume food or any other fluids, except water.
Report Delivery 3 DAYS
Price ₹ 1750
Cabbage allergy test makes use of the skin prick method to extract blood sample and to test whether a patient is allergic to cabbage. Results for the test can be obtained 1 to 3 days after test is conducted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The test method uses an in vitro test system ImmunoCAP specific IgE for the quantitative measurement of allergen-specific IgE in human serum. A diagnosis of IgE-mediated allergy requires evidence of both sensitisation and clinical reactivity. Consider - Allergen avoidance - Desensitisation - Symptomatic treatment