The Importance of Hydration: 10 Tips for a Healthy Summer

It is very important to maintain the righteous water levels in your body to ensure you stay active and healthy all summer, as it plays a crucial role in regulating a number of bodily function and any decrease in the water level might wreak havoc on your health.

Here are 10 easy tips to ensure proper hydration all summer:

1. Keep up your water intake

Yes, even if you aren’t feeling thirsty, you must continue sipping on water at regular intervals. When you actually feel thirsty, it is when your body is already dehydrated. So, if you are considering fighting dehydration in the first place, the ideal way is to drink before you even feel thirsty. Maintaining a mental note of consuming 8-10 glasses of water on a regular basis will help keep you hydrated.

2. Include water-based foods in your diet

Including water-based fruits, sports drinks rich in mineral salts and electrolytes in your diet will suffice for the loss of water in summers. Natural delights such as buttermilk, coconut water or lemonades are also exceptionally effective in keeping up the body’s fluid balance in the extremes of weather.

3. Pick up probiotics

Gastrointestinal issues are the most common summer woes, and probiotics can be extremely helpful when it comes to dealing with them. They help restore the natural bacterial balance of the gut thereby reduces chances of dehydration.

4. Exfoliate

Extensive use of makeups, toner and other cosmetics products often leaves the skin bereft of moisture, resulting in breakout of acne. Exfoliating your skin every once in a while, allows it to breathe free, and absorb essential nutrients to ensure proper skin hydration.

5. Sip on electrolytes

Oral rehydration salts (electrolyte) are extremely helpful in replenishing body fluids. They contain just the right balance of salt to help rejuvenate our fatigues selves. So, next time you take a trip to the pharmacy, don’t forget to purchase a few sachets of ORS that can be your savior when the sun shines mighty bright all through the summer months.

6. Don’t be over-indulgent with smoothies

Although fruit smoothies bear great nutritional benefit, make it a point to skip the tempting dose of yoghurts and ice-cream in them to prevent consuming excess calories. Instead, switching to natural, green smoothies may help you strike the right balance of nutrition and hydration.

7. Use moisturizer-based sunscreen

The summer sun surely cannot be the excuse to give up on all outdoor activities. Therefore, it’s better to be prepared with a sunscreen that suits your skin. Make sure to smear a generous serving of sunscreen before venturing out in the skin. Not only does it provide you with UV protection, but also enriches the skin by restoring moisture content.

8. Get adequate sleep

With the temperature consistently on the rise, dehydration and fatigue are the most common complaints during summer. Catching up on restful sleep is instrumental in leading a healthy life all summer. To enjoy a long, uninterrupted sleep, refrain from using electronic gadgets before going to bed, and ensure that your bedroom is all cool and cozy.

9. Always eat fresh

Processed and cured foods are likely to make you feel dehydrated. Thus, it’s best to avoid foods loaded with preservatives during this season, and opt for fresh fruits and vegetables. So, the next time you’re out doing your grocery, be mindful of the things you pick from the shelves. Give processed food a break, and make way for a healthy summer with natural food.

10. Limit the caffeine

To all the coffer lovers out there – we adore your love for coffee, and honestly, there’s no better stimulant than a hot cup of creamy coffee to get things going. But, for the sake of health in summer, it’s best to limit your caffeine intake to 2 cups a day to prevent from being dehydrated.

It’s by following these simple practices, you can stay hydrated through the long, sultry summer months. However, if you encounter any health issues, consult your physician at the earliest to stay clear of further complications.

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