10 Ways to help you stay healthy amidst lockdown

We are all in this together!

Though this lockdown is taking a toll on many people, forcing them to sit back at home without going out and not having physical access to the outside world, many are also enjoying this quality time by reconnecting with their creative and healthier personas. So, let’s have a look at some of the ways that will help you make the most of this lockdown period.

1. Yoga

For those who are not able to hit the gym during this period, trying out yoga can do wonders for your body and mind as well. This is the right time to start yoga for all the beginners.

2. Virtual exercise class with friends

So if you have a bunch of friends with whom you would like to connect online, you can initiate a virtual exercise challenge with hashtags like #plankchallenge #pushupchallenge. If this is too much work, then, a virtual exercise class would also do the job. This will help you reconnect with your cherished friends and also keep you motivated rather than doing it alone.

3. Healthy Cooking time

Staying at home should not give you the license to procrastinate. In fact, the lockdown could be a good time to focus on being productive. Taking up small tasks at home like cooking each and every meal will not just keep you far from diseases and health risks but also help you stay focused on things that are of value.

4. Eat only at the table

To prevent the dreaded ‘weight gain’ during the lockdown, make sure you eat your meals only at the table. We usually tend to overeat when we are distracted from our meal by eating in front of a TV/laptop or mobile binge-watching and scrolling through social media. Eating at your table will also gain you bonus points if all the family members sit together and dine.

5. New and healthy recipes

As we do not have unlimited access to groceries it is wise to cut short our daily menu to healthy and limited servings. So, this is the right time to try out new recipes that benefit your health and mind as well as boost your immunity. Also, keep in mind - a healthy meal can also be a tasty meal!

6. Have a 30 minutes’ walk

Now that you can’t go for evening or morning walks as you did before, find some time to walk indoors for at least 30 minutes. It is enough even if you walk the distance between your rooms.

7. Get a health check-up done

To steer clear of any health risks during this time of crisis and uncertainty, ensure to get a health-check-up. Frequent check ups don't just eliminate the threat of various hazardous diseases but also protect you from spending a fortune on hospital bills and medical treatments in the long run.

8. Covering your face with a mask or towel

This might sound crazy, but the thing is when you wear a face mask, you limit your snack intake and don’t touch your face more often. So, keep no stones unturned!

9. Schedule your sleep

For all those insomniacs out there and otherwise, this is the right time to schedule and sort your sleep on track. For this, you need to try to limit the intake of coffee and tea each day and maintain a healthy sleep schedule.

10. Turn on the dance floor

Dancing is a great exercise and fun activity as well. It helps you burn calories, and you will enjoy your time grooving to those beats.

11. Try skipping

Skipping is another simple and good workout you can do at home to burn the extra calories.

Final Word

While practicing healthy habits during lockdown is important, don’t forget to take charge of your physical wellbeing, Get frequent health check-ups to stay updated on your current health condition and eliminate the risk of hazardous diseases.
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